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Unlock the secret to easily attracting dream clients who want what you've got and are happy to pay you money for it

 MAY 1ST - 5TH 


If You Are...

A new coach (or an experienced coach but new to online business) and you're pulling your hair out trying to figure out how the heck to attract your dreamy ideal clients and make predictable and regular sales in your coaching business then you're in the right place my friend!


What You'll Learn

Watch these 5 powerful trainings with Jay, do the daily actions and get the exact steps  you need to take to shorten your runway to coaching business success so that you can experience the freedom and joy and that comes from designing a business you love - without the need for complicated tech or expensive facebook ads. 

Vivid with Jay #VividwithJay

Bootcamp Day #1

How Picking ONE Profitable Audience Is Your Marketing Superpower!


Discover why what you learned in coaching school is making it harder for your to make money!

In this powerful training you'll learn THE most important thing you need to do FIRST in order to cut through the noise and stand out online.


Bootcamp Day #2

What High Ticket Clients Really Want And How To Lead Them To It


Wondering why your lead magnet isn't the lead generation magic pill you thought it would be?  Or why paying clients aren't saying yes to working with you?

I'm going to tell you what successful coaches already know about engineering your offer and getting results.


Bootcamp Day #3

The Fastest Way To Move Your Ideal Clients From Cold To Sold


Discover a powerful strategy to radically speed up the client journey and make more sales.


​How and why the usual slow-growth organic strategies just aren't working - and more importantly, what does (no, I'm NOT talking about expensive paid strategies either)


Bootcamp Day #4

How To Supercharge Your Impact & Fast-Track Success


Discover the little-known secret all successful coaches use to radically speed up their results.


These strategies take you from wanting a dream coaching business to actually having one

— in record time.


Bootcamp Day #5

How To Achieve More In Less Time And 10X Your Results


Most startup coaches push themselves to the brink, getting totally burned out while still not getting the results they want.

Uncover why most struggle and ultimately fail and what you can do instead to succeed

Get Ready For More...



Wake up excited about making a real difference in the world and working with clients you love - experience even more profits, energy, and joy!




Your coaching business can and should put you on a path to total financial freedom.

If you design your business the right way, it WILL. 



No need to live your life chained to a desk or working round-the-clock. Travel the world, spend more time with family, and live the life you've always dreamed of.

"Coaches are the next wave of essential services and superheros in a chaotic, stressed out and rapidly evolving world." - Jay Manning

Get ready to save the world,
one client at a time!

You'd Be Crazy To Miss This FREE Access To
Powerful No B.S. Business Coaching 


After speaking to more than 700 startup coaches, I know how frustrated you are by the mostly generic, often vague or fluffy and almost always fragmented information available to you out there.

That's why coaches love my trainings.

I hold nothing back and I don't do fluff. 

(Fluff belongs on slippers, not in trainings) 

Every coach who's ever attended my bootcamps has walked away with practical, tactical and easy-to-implement strategies they could take action on right away and so will YOU!

But Don't Just Take My Word For It!  

VwJ Client Alipio DeVeyra.png

Alipio DeVeyra

Fitness and Fasting Consultant

for Extreme Entrepreneurs

As a former software developer and current citizen-scientist doing medical research, I was wasting mental bandwidth fretting about becoming a marketing expert.  


Jay’s bootcamp relieved me of that anxiety by teaching me to instead focus on becoming an expert in my market.

CAB Testimonial Aiyana Sykes.jpg

Aiyana N. Sykes

Health Coach

This bootcamp was such a great investment of my time!  The ah-ha's and the nuggets and the clarity just kept coming!  It was so much more than I expected  - I can't believe it's FREE!

Deb Milotte.jpg

Deborah Millotte

Author, Health Coach

Within the five days before it was over, I had incredible success. Not only did I attract clients into my business, I connected in a way that's so natural.  Join this bootcamp!


Unlock the secret to easily attracting dream clients who want what you've got and are happy to pay you money for it!

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